Community check-in 4.20

Hi! It’s Monday I think!

Thanks for watching the video below and letting me know how you’re doing. Despite the screaming in the minivan, I actually have high hopes for today. Will report back tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Community check-in 4.20

  1. Morning Alexis! Im with ya on the coffee situation!!! I was having a not so good day yesterday, (no particular reason, just in a mood! Im sure not being out in a month had something to do with it!) Uncle Tom had to go out for gas so while he was out, he brought me home a latte from Bigby! Boy did that turn me around😊 Its the little things! Beautiful day here in Toledo, Im hoping to go play outside today! I hope you have a great day! Love ya❤️ Marsh

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  2. Hi Alexis,
    Loved watching your video. So sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I think you have stellar coping skills, baking is one of my coping mechanisms too. Yesterday, it was banana bread mostly because I had the guilt of potentially wasting 3 overly ripened banana’s along with a bit of procrastination.
    I can only imagine the challenges of being a stepmom. Honestly, you seem like you’d be the ultimate stepmom to me, and you bake too! People who bake are my kindred spirits!
    Lucas is still in E.L. With his lovely girlfriend Taylor. I’m miss them both. I’m at the office today. Grateful to be working. Dan is too. FYI his bday is tomorrow.
    Take care dear Alexis♥️

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