Community check-in 4.22

Good morning friends!

This morning we talked about exercise for mental health and how to support our friends who are working right now. I’m looking forward to your ideas and thoughts. I hope everyone is well today. Take care of you, ok? xo

2 thoughts on “Community check-in 4.22

  1. Morning Alexis! Just finished my coffee (orange flavored, its delicious!) so thats ALWAYS an important part of my morning! I use to do the exercise thing for weight loss, but as you get older you realize its more for the sake of just keeping yourself able to move!! Ive been dieting since Jan. and I am 14 lbs down, I feel so much better, also eating much healthier, that is also amazing how much better you feel mentally, rather than when you eat a lot of garbage!!! Ive cut out the sweets, cheese and breads! That in itself is huge for me!!! I cant believe you guys are getting SNOW!!! Its very cloudy here and suppose to rain. Like you, Im waiting for the nice weather to stay so I can get out in it!!! Oh, Ive picked up my knitting needles! Im doing a shawl. So thats good for me to just pick up anytime Im bored! At least I feel like Im doing something constructive! Have a great day!❤️ Marcia


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