Community check-in 4.25


It’s Saturday and I made coffee for two but the other coffee drinker is sleeping so I’m moving on to his share of the sauce. Such a good way to begin the day!

I didn’t check-in with you all yesterday because I was feeling crappy and subsequently slept in until 9:30 or so. I realized that it was more mental than physical, so I drank a bunch of water, texted a friend, and went out for a jog/trot. Trusty coping mechanism worked like a charm.

The most wonderful part of yesterday was all of the mail! I have been sending out mail and I kind of forgot that I might get mail in return! Which is the best! I also forgot that I had ordered some earrings made by a friend, so when they showed up in my mailbox I was extra excited. My husband’s parents also stopped by, to drop off some treats at a safe distance. My mother-in-law even replied to one of my check-ins with a physical letter, which was a treat.

It’s crazy how many highs and lows one day can contain. Trying to keep my heart open and grateful for the waves we’re all riding. xo

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