updates and changes

First of all, what are these awful ads with terrible indistinguishable close-up photos? I’m so sorry if you’re seeing those. I tried switching to a really simple layout in the hopes of getting rid of that. I’ll keep on it. (UPDATE: I fixed it.)

Second thing: hi. I feel like I’ve been away from posting and writing and basically all forms of creative expression. Not beating myself up, because these things come in waves. And I’m excited and scared to say that a very new wave of life is starting next week when I leave my full time job and go from part time to full time grad classes. I’m getting my MSW with a focus on Addiction Counseling. 11 years of working in corporate education was enough, and now it’s time to look at other parts of my life. Getting married and becoming a stepmom has been a bigger shift than I expected. Managing my anxiety has been more work than I expected. Grad school is basically what I expected. School was known territory. Sobriety? Again, more work than I thought, or at least not something I thought would be so front of mind almost 3 years in. “You’re a newbie until you’ve got like 10 years” someone said to me last weekend. I liked that.

So I’m giving all of this stuff more space. Leaving room for whatever needs room. Relying on others for help, which feels very odd. Wracking up that student loan debt like a champ, which feels familiar. Writing to you all, which is just my favorite damn thing.

More soon.


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