Community check-in 4.4

Hi everyone! We made it through a week again! It’s raining here in Michigan, and the house is still asleep. The animals have all eaten and gone back to bed and Ben is reading comics. I’m making pancakes for a small army, in anticipation of 3 teenagers waking up and beginning to forage through the kitchen. It’s pretty dang peaceful.

The week was filled with these intense moments of peace and intense moments of hopelessness. Not a lot of in between. So many moments of learning and acceptance and so many instances where I wanted to yell “no fair” and stomp my foot. Or throw dishes. Whatever. It’s a wild time and I’m glad to be here for it. I am glad you are too, or else it would feel pretty lonely. I’m going to post a recommended reading list later today, because you’re all coming at me with great suggestions. And the pancakes are maybe burning to I gotta run.

Stay safe and hopeful. xo

2 thoughts on “Community check-in 4.4

  1. Hi Alexis! I enjoy your videos! Ive been isolated for over 3 weeks now so I can relate to going bonkers! Altho I have lots of hobbies to keep me busy…..still! Being able to get out and garden has helped me immensely! Your Uncle Tom is still working, guess people think the newspaper is “essential”. Hes been doing his NA meetings via Zoom and I think that helps him a lot, at least being able to see his people. I encourage him to go to his Zoom meetings whenever possible! He has since purchased a monthly subscription and hosts his own meetings 3 times weekly. Hang in there, this has been difficult on all of us, hopefully it will be over soon and we can get our lives back. I have been following my group (Victory Center, a group for people with cancer or survivors) they have been having chair yoga, which I love and various exercise classes. It really helps! Ive also been using essential oils which have helped also. Looking forward to your next video! Love you, Marcia


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