Community check-in 4.10

Friends! It’s Friday and that may or may not mean something to you! It’s Good Friday and that also may or may not mean something to you! Regardless, I’m so glad you’re reading this and hopefully you find some sense of community here. This morning I talked about tea parties and middy meltdowns and braving the grocery store. I love your comments and your bravery in going through this time with me. xo

One thought on “Community check-in 4.10

  1. Morning Alexis! My yesterday was pretty non-descript! It was cold and windy here and cloudy! Today is slightly better, still windy, but more dun so far. I have a daily meditation ritual I do with an app that really helps, it also has a journal where you can write down things about your day ahead. I really enjoy that. Your Uncle Tom is off today, he just left for a needed trip to Costco! You enjoy your day and give our love to your mom and dad! Im missing the Brannan getogethers! Love, Marcia


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