Community check-in 4.17

Happy Friday, friends. I’m not sure what Friday means to you right now, but I still celebrate it as the end of the work week. Time to focus on other things over here, not school or work related. I heard a rumor about sun this weekend, so I’m feeling hopeful for that.

Today: the dish on my virtual therapy appointment, lovely coping ideas from you and people on the internet, and a reminder to breathe. Talk soon!

One thought on “Community check-in 4.17

  1. Morning Alexis! Great video this morning! YES, I would be interested in some of your seeds!!! LOVE herbs and planting as you know! Im not able to get out to get any and having Uncle Tom get them…..well you know! I am also an avid knitter!! Im getting antsy to start something! You may have given me the kick in the butt I need! Lol! Its snowing here today!!! Suppose to get 4-6 inches!!!😫 I say GO AWAY!!! Lol Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll give you my address, if you want some money, I can Paypal it to you! Thanks, Love, Marcia
    Marcia Voss
    3815 Baybrook Ln.
    Toledo, Oh. 43623


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