Community check-in 4.21

A little later in the day than usual, but here’s this morning’s check-in. I was live from the shed in our yard, which I’m turning into a little retreat spot. It was 37 degrees F at the height of the day’s warmth, so I didn’t last long. I had some thoughts on making space for myself and how I’ve been approaching exercise in quarantine. As always, I love to hear from you. xo

One thought on “Community check-in 4.21

  1. Good evening Alexis! Im happened to catch your video right before bed! Lolol thanks for the encouragement about doing things for YOU!! We all need to do that! And ya….everyone should have a “she-shed”… go girl!!! I’ll look forward to your video tomorrow, so be sure you do one!!! Lol Im falling asleep now, so night night!!!❤️ Marcia


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